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Midwest Gaming Classic 2014

Back to Brookfield, WI - Third Year in a Row

Midwest Gaming Classic2014 marked my third year at the Midwest Gaming Classic - one of the largest classic video game shows in the country!

This is the third year that my friend Jeff and I have made the long trek over to Wisconsin to visit the MWGC. It's become a yearly ritual now that we really look forward to. The previous years have been pretty awesome and this year was no different.

We stayed in the same hotel as the conference again, which is proving to be the best idea. To anyong thinking about going - I'd highly recommend going that route. It's nice to be able to take large packages that you buy, or even a lot of small packages, back up to your room during the show. There's a lot of walking too, so being able to go and rest without having to drive anywhere is nice. There's also a resturant and a bar at the hotel that are open really late, so that's nice. You can get your drink on without having to worry about driving anywhere afterwards, and the food that the hotel resturant makes is actually really good. They also have breakfast, which is also really good.

The show itself was a little different than previous years. They moved the vendors outside under a huge tent, which was good and bad. There was more room for vendors, but during one of the days it rained quite a bit. There was some water that got in to the tents so the floor of the vendor show was all wet. For people attending it wasn't a big deal, but for vendors it kinda sucked because they were scrambling to get boxes and other things up off the wet ground and some didn't really have anywhere to put their stuff. Everyone managed though, and all in all I don't think it was a big deal.

There was also a strange power outage, which we originally thought was the fault of the hundreds of arcade games at the show. One of the mornings (Saturday morning I believe) we did wake up without power though. Half of the hotel had power and half didn't. Turns out the hotel has two main feeds from the power company, and one of those (along with a bunch of surroudning businesses) was down due to a large transformer failure. It wasn't too long before they got it back up and running, so everything worked itself out.

I got to meet some cool YouTube personalities at the show this year, including Ben Heck, EDT1138, Gamester81, Croooow, Hughes from the Retro League Podcast, CollectingRetro, and I bumped in to RetroNESHunter and bizzNES17 again. Over the past 3 years the show has gained immense popularity compared to our first visit, so it's cool to see YouTube personalities supporting it and spreading the word.

Personal collection-wise, I didn't go too crazy this year. I've linked to a YouTube video below showing my pickups from the show. The best thing I found was a complete boxed Famicom Disk System with all of the original paperwork, and even the original receipt! I was really stoked to find that, and got it for a really good price. I don't remember exactly how much I paid for it, but I remember that the price I did pay would basically be shipping cost only if I were to import one from Japan. I'm sure the guy I bought it from buys in bulk so shipping was cheap. He had another one that was half the cost, but it didn't come with the box or any of the paperwork, and with stuff like this, I try to get it as complete as possible, just because that extra stuff is part of the overall experience.

I picked up a few Neo Geo Pocket Colors, all in the box. I remember a couple of my friends in high school having these things back in the day and they are pretty sweet. I looked for a copy of Card Fighters Clash, but couldn't find one unfortunately. That gives me something to look for next year.

If you havn't already, check out the video and see what else I picked up. This show is a great experience every year, and I can't wait to go again in 2015.

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