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Industry History

Through a series of articles, I detail the history of the video game industry in regards to specific companies, consoles, and pieces of hardware.

Game Consoles

In this section I provide in depth reviews of game consoles, past and present, from my own collection. Included are details about the consoles' history, specs, and hi-resolution pictures.

Hardware/Software Reviews

A lot of first- and third-party hardware and software items are released that don't get the recognition that they deserve. In this section, I highlight some of the best.


Everyone who likes to play, collect, or otherwise has a love for video games has their two cents. I have a pocket full of pennies.

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Learn about me, my collection, how I got started colleting, and where I can see my collection going in the future. I also detail why I decided to make this site, and provide a means for you to contact me.

Industry History

The History of Sega Part IV

Mar 14, 2012

JPGThe History of Sega Part IV continues to highlight certain aspects of the 16-bit console war between the Genesis and the SNES, including the Mortal Kombat fiasco. Part IV also discusses Sega's first visions toward the 32-bit market, including Project Jupiter and the Sega 32X.Read More

The History of Sega Part III

Mar 11, 2012

JPGThe History of Sega Part III follows Sega through the 16-bit console wars, where it battles for industry dominance against the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the NEC PC Engine / Turbo Grafx 16. Also discussed are Sega's first foray in to the handheld gaming market, as well as their answer to the NEC PC Engine Super CD-ROM - the Sega CD.Read More

The History of Sega Part II

Mar 09, 2012

JPGIn this article I continue to describe Sega's history in the post-Master System years. After admitting defeat to Nintendo's Famicom/NES, the Master System is set aside and Sega focuses its energy on the development of a new 16-bit game console. Sega's goal is to beat NEC's PC Engine to market and get one step ahead of Nintendo in the process. Read More

The History of Sega Part I

Feb 23, 2012

JPGSega's history can be called no less than "epic." It's a tragic tale of the rise and fall of a great company, divided amongst itself. In this series I will outline the history of Sega - from the company's begginnings in the home console market, to it's preceived victory in the 16-bit console wars, right through to the point where internal conflict ultimately ended up being the company's near demise.Read More

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