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Industry History

Through a series of articles, I detail the history of the video game industry in regards to specific companies, consoles, and pieces of hardware.

Game Consoles

In this section I provide in depth reviews of game consoles, past and present, from my own collection. Included are details about the consoles' history, specs, and hi-resolution pictures.

Hardware/Software Reviews

A lot of first- and third-party hardware and software items are released that don't get the recognition that they deserve. In this section, I highlight some of the best.


Everyone who likes to play, collect, or otherwise has a love for video games has their two cents. I have a pocket full of pennies.

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Learn about me, my collection, how I got started colleting, and where I can see my collection going in the future. I also detail why I decided to make this site, and provide a means for you to contact me.

Updates Have Moved!

I have sold off most of my collection, so to continue this site in its traditional fashion (coded 100% by me in PHP/HTML/CSS) has been very time-consuming. To save time, I have converted to a Wordpress-based blog site at Feel free to browse this site. Until I get all of the content on this site converted over to the Wordpress site, this site will stay up and continue to function. Be aware, however, that if you want any new content, it will be available at

Welcome to was designed to share images, video, and information about video games, video game hardware, and video game industry history with enthusiasts and collectors all around the world. focuses primarily on vintage and classic gaming hardware between the years 1980 and 2000 from various gaming hardware manufacturers.

On this site, I review classic and vintage games, hardware, and technologies which I believe played an important role in the evolution of the gaming industry. All of the items reviews on this site are from my own collection, and this site will continue to grow as my collection grows. I collect these items as a hobby, and am excited to share them with the world.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to address any corrections that should be made regarding historical facts presented on this site, you can contact me via the contact form on the About page. I will do my best to respond to all emails as soon as possible, and encourage any advice that any of my fellow collectors and enthusiasts would care to share.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site, and I hope you find its contents interesting and informative.

Thank you.

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